Williams Court Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Board members were elected at a homeowner's meeting on April 17, 2007:

James Scamardo, President
3502 Regal Row

David Strawn, Vice President
601 Castlebrook

Carol Baker Roach, Secretary &  Treasurer
3414 Regal Row

info@williamscourt.net - this e-mail goes to all Board members

The WCHOA Board serves as your contact for questions, concerns or ideas about:

  • association rules
  • association meetings
  • dues, including your payments and how they are used
  • your or your neighbors' property rights
  • resolving neighbor disputes
  • city services to the neighborhood (e.g. streets, power lines)
  • maintaining public spaces in the neighborhood
  • improving the neighborhood
  • neighborhood socials
  • neighborhood safety and security
  • improving communication between the association and its homeowners
  • improving this web site