Maps of Williams Court and Westchester Park Phase I

Williams Court and Westchester Park Phase I (also known as Williams Estates) are actually two subdivisions governed by one homeowners association.  There are a total of 113 homes in these subdivisions.

Together, the two subdivisions are bounded by the streets of Rock Prairie Road, Victoria Avenue and Regal Row Court and by the bike path North of Hasselt Street.  The subdivisions are divided down the middle of Castlebrook Drive, such that the 65 properties to the North (including the North side of Castlebrook) make up Williams Court, and the 48 properties to the South (including the South side of Castlebrook) make up Westchester Park Phase I.

Click on the "View Map" link to open a Google Map with every property address labeled. (well, almost every property, it's a work in progress!)

Other Maps:

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Line map of both subdivisions (poor quality) [JPG, 856 Kb; PDF, 978Kb]

Line map of Williams Estates only (better quality) [PDF, 1.7M]

View Map with Property Addresses Marked