WCHOA Ruling Documents

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William's Court Homeowner's Association has four legal documents that establish our association and its rules for homeowners.  The original documents were filed at the Brazos County Courthouse or the state of Texas in the summer of 1991. You can download copies of these documents below and save them for your records.

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions [Web Page; PDF, 7.7MB]

This is the most important document for homeowners and renters to be familiar with.  It outlines the 'good neighbor rules' that we agree to live by in order to keep our neighborhood safe, clean and a great place to live.  Owning or renting property in the neighborhood is complicit agreement to these rules.

By-Laws (amended 4/17/07) [Web Page; PDF, 2.9MB; Word, 60KB]

This document defines the way our homeowners association operates, including how Board of Directors, Officers, Members and meetings are to be organized.  An amendment to the By-Laws approved at the homeowners meeting on April 17, 2007 is reflected in the text on the website and in the Word document you can download, but NOT in the PDF version you can download.

Development Agreement [Web Page; PDF, 1.8MB; Word, 44KB]

This document establishes our ability to develop and maintain the public spaces of our neighborhood, i.e. the borders of our neighborhood along Rock Prairie Road and Victoria Ave.

Articles of Incorporation [Web Page; PDF, 537KB; Word, 25KB]

This document established our homeowners association with the state of Texas so that we can operate on your behalf to enforce the covenants, manage common areas and collect dues.